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We provide you a tailor service, with a fast response.

More than 40-years of experience!

We manufacture all kinds of pieces, for a lot of sciences from Agriculture Industry to Automotive Industry. We are finding solutions for projects or simple enhancements like holding parts together in devices. We have the maintenance service for factories, tooling, etc ... For specific questions, please contact us via our contact form here contact us

Hi Technology

2 words that identify Mecanizados are Big Experience. We have more than 40 years on this market with a huge amount of jobs done in milling & drilling. We had led over time to adapt to new technologies and innovate in the workshop and in both machines and work experience.

We have a huge experience with :

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For questions, please contact us via our contact form Near to you At San Cristobal Polygon, Valladolid, every day we want to give you our professionalism and the best service for your business. With our expertise and experience you will make your ideas come true. contact us

We are your team!

Join us as we to give you the best, without exception you will have great benefits hiring our services and you know that your money be well invest not be fooled and look behind the big tree forest. contact us

Your Experts in all types of machining at your service.

Mecanizados' Machines

They help us to offer you the best service at the best price.


Mechanic Center DMG Mori

New on hi-tech machine, you could have the top quality and fast on your hands. Find out a great example in our videos and Galery 1.

Tapping Hydraulic Machine CME

Tapping Hydraulic Machine CME with the skill to drill till M45. With this tool we reduce so much Driller Prepararation Death Time,but giving it Quality, Precision and Reduction a lot The Price.

Slotting Machine

Slotting machine for making outside and inside slots.


Drilling CNC

Drilling CNC with precision KYA
Driller CNC KYA accuracy control FANUC OITB.
Turn of 410 and 500 between points.


Milling CNC

Excelent machine to provide good an excellent products


Drill Heller 1500/460

Conventional Accuracy Drill of 1.500mm with a turn of 460mm in the surface.


Drill D500

Convencional Drill with 1500mm between plate and point, and a drilling diameter with 500 mm maxim over surface.

Queremos darle un buen servicio a un buen precio.

We want to give you the best.


Please see some of our work done, imagine what we could do for you !

Our Work in Video !!!!

DMG MORI Task at Mecanizados Ángel Martín SL Valladolid

DMG MORI Task at Ángel Martín SL Valladolid

2d Milling by Mecanizados Ángel Martín SL Valladolid

2d Milling Mecanizados by Ángel Martín SL Valladolid

Mechanical Drill CNC

Mechanical Drill CNC by Mecanizados Angel Martin SL

More Mechanical Drill CNC

More Mechanical Drill CNC by Mecanizados Angel Martin SL

CNC lathe Machining Aluminum Pulley

CNC lathe Machining Aluminum Pulley by Mecanizados Angel Martin SL

Special Cubes , amazing !!!!

Special Cubes , amazing !!!! by Mecanizados Angel Martin SL

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